July 19, 2021

Dear Conway Families,

The last 16 months have brought unprecedented challenges to education.  Parents and care givers were put in unenviable positions of being primary facilitators for the education of students.  We are optimistic that we can move beyond that period and step forward to a more normal delivery of instruction.  We are very excited about the 2021-22 school year.  During the next four weeks, you will be receiving a great deal of information that will prepare your Conway student for a successful school year.  We hope that all information will be presented in a clear, concise manner that is sensible and user-friendly.

Let’s start with the practical.  What should students wear?  We have learned a great deal during the last 16 months.  We want to simplify things and eliminate barriers to education.  Students learn best while being comfortable.  We are no longer a uniform school.  We are instituting a student friendly dress code that I believe will be well-received by all stakeholders.  We instituted this when we went to in-person instruction in the Spring and enjoyed a great experience with it.  For the full dress code, please see our website – CLICK HERE

What do students need to be successful? Families always want to know what is needed in terms of supplies.  The school will provide most of what is needed.  If your child can bring the following to school on the first day of school, it will help greatly: 2 folders, 2 notebooks, loose leaf paper, box of pencils, and 2 pens.  We are a Verizon Innovative School of Learning (VILS) school which means that all of our students are provided with an iPad, charger, backpack and data plan.  Caring for the technology, including charging the iPad overnight is an important student responsibility.  We will be sharing more information about the VILs program in future communications.

If you have driven by Conway this summer, you know that we have a construction  project underway.  Our whole campus is receiving a lighting renovation.  This is much needed and will result in a much more well-lit campus.  Unfortunately, the work will not be completed until right before school begins.  As a result, we will not be able to conduct our typical full day registration activities.  We are offering on-site individual registration opportunities between now and August 6th.  Every student needs to be registered.  This can be done on-line.  We also offer assistance to anyone who seeks that support.  If you come to school, my staff will help anyone complete the registration process.  Once complete, team assignments will be provided for students. Registration process consists of the following forms: Student Information, Nurse Office Consent, Student Bill of Rights, Home Language Survey and Free/ Reduced Price Program. We need each of those forms to be completed.

We are planning an orientation for 6th and 7th grade families on August 5th, beginning at 5:30.  We are hopeful that this can be an in-person event.  But we will finalize those details once we get closer to that date.

I will send more information soon.  

Principal Greg Fehr

 Weekly Reports
July 19, 2021