April 6, 2020

Our Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) begins tomorrow for all students.  Our goal is to provide quality educational services to your child at this unique time in the world.  We are not trying to add to anyone's stress level during this time.  We are very mindful that we are in the midst of a pandemic and want to be respectful of the different challenges that each of our families may be facing.  For our digital learners, those that have access to technology- chromebook, desktop computer, tablet, iPhone, game station, etc.: our website is ready to go tomorrow for you to start your work.  For our non-digital learners, we ask for patience as the district will be distributing other learning materials during this time.  Unfortunately, as a school, we are not allowed to provide any materials directly to students out of an abundance of caution.

We want the NTI process to be as simple as possible.  Two clicks will get you where you need.  Here is the link to our website.  Each day, when convenient for our students and families, students will start by "checking in."  This is a very quick form that should be completed each time a student logins for the first time that day.  From there, students should be able to easily access their assignments by clicking on their team.

Our website:

We are here to help.

Greg Fehr  Principal    

[email protected]   

(502) 324-7327

Angel Woodward 6th grade   [email protected] (502) 324-5271

Kenneth Martin 7th Grade    [email protected] (502) 445-3524

Craig Bossmeyer 8th grade [email protected]   (502) 641-0407

Vanessa Poteet 6th grade and 7 Courage counselor   [email protected] (502) 822-6094

Michele Sears 8th grade and 7 Excellence counselor  [email protected]  (502) 795-3557

Troy Burks Mental Health  Counselor  [email protected] (502) 200-2463

Jennifer Wiedo  School Psychologist  [email protected]  (502) 354-2049

Bridgette Jones YSC Coordinator  [email protected]  (502) 482-3243

Thank you,

Greg Fehr