April 8, 2021

Good Morning Conway Families,

Today, we welcome back students with last names beginning with the letters L-Z.  We are very excited to see these students today.  A students and virtual students should continue to complete assignments and follow their new schedules while our B students attend in-person classes. A students should check-in with teachers during teacher office hours.  For all in-person students, we offer the following reminders.

Car riders are not admitted into the building until 7:00 each morning.

Students must wear masks throughout the entire day except for when they are eating and drinking.  

Social distance guidelines are enforced throughout the day.  We have lines and floors marked throughout the building as well as many visual reminders.

We have a new relaxed dress code.  A students did a great job with this.  All students wore clothes that were school appropriate.  A couple of points of emphasis: please no holes or tears in jeans and  no open-toed shoes.    

It is extremely important that students bring their charged iPad each day.  If they also have a chromebook that should also be brought to school.  Most lessons will be technology driven.

We have a new car rider pickup process.  This ensures safety and social distancing.  All cars are lined up in the lower lot and students are escorted to their cars.  No cars leave until all cars are loaded.  The entire process takes less than 10 minutes.  This worked very well with our A students.

Thank you for your cooperation.