VIRTUAL ACADEMY                              IN-PERSON


1. Check your CLASSES in Google Classroom

2. Look for new classes with a JOIN or ACCEPT button.

3. Click on that and look for the timing in the banner.

4. Make sure you join the Google MEET from that classroom banner.


Your ILP classroom will have your schedule for your virtual classes.


ALL students MUST follow Conway’s Google Meet Classroom Expectations for EVERY class. 

Please see below:

  • Students MUST BE ON TIME and enter the virtual classroom 5 minutes before the start of EVERY class.
  • Students MUST have their audio MUTED upon entering the virtual classroom.
  • Students MUST remain MUTED unless they’re prompted by the teacher.
  • Students can use earbuds/headphones to prevent audio feedback.
  • Students are encouraged to have their CAMERAS ON.
  • Students MUST use the chat feature to ask questions during direct instruction.
  • Students MUST use hand signals, raise hands, nod to show understanding.
  • Students MUST be dressed appropriately, sitting upright, and ready to learn.