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How to access Google Meet from Google Classroom


How to access your School Email
Step by Step Instructions with images



How to access Google Classroom from your personal computer


This section is especially for parents to understand a situation "My child turned in their work but Infinite Campus or the teacher says it is missing"

Scenario 1 - How do I add or create an assignment in Google Classroom. Student may say - "There is no assignment or I don't know how to create an assignment"

SCENARIO 4: Forms turned in (Students may have an option to turn in the form once or more than once)

Scenario 2 : Do not turn in without adding your assignment  (Student may say -  "I turned it in, but I got an U" - Did you use 'mark as done'?

SCENARIO 5: Adding files from your Drive (Students may say they did the work but did not add from the Drive)


Scenario 3: How do you turn in a Quiz or a Form (Students may say that they have completed the quiz, but did they?)

SCENARIO 6: Assignment deleted by the student? (Student may say there is no assignment or it has been turned in)